The proliferation and misuse of small arms continue to threaten the security of people and nations in West Africa. Small arms are the main weapons used in armed robberies, drug trafficking, local wars, terrorism, violation of human rights, etc. This situation leads to serious physical and psychological wounds to large sections of the population, displacement and breaking of families and communities, the collapse of economies and the destruction of the environment. Conflicts take place in the region because of the accessibility and the availability of small arms. This has indeed become part of our history.
To address the problem of the proliferation of small arms and light weapon in the West African region, the West African Action Network on Small Arms (WAANSA) was created to contribute towards the building of a secured environment for the development of the region.

The West African Action Network on Small Arms (WAANSA) was created in May 2002 by representatives of West African Nations and sub-regional civil society organizations from ten countries (Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria and Togo) which participated in WAANSA’s foundation conference. WAANSA is legally registered as an entity, adopted its own Constitution and elects its officers. WAANSA is headquartered in Accra, Ghana and is composed over 300 civil society organizations as well as sub-regional networks or coalitions of civil society organizations.


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